I'm drawing a line. On one side is this girl who spent over a year without any creative expression. On the other side is the new me: jumpstarting my creativity by doing a 15 minute drawing a day. I consider these drawings pump primers. They are not the goal, but are the pathway to a more creative life.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It seems to me that at some point I decided that these drawings were not going to be representational.  I may have said that out loud to someone, but I don't think I put that in my parameters on the sidebar of the blog.
But now I'm wondering if that should be a parameter.  I seem to be drawing a lot of plant-like forms.  They might not be recognizable, actual earthly plants, but they are recognizable anyway.  I think I'll just allow myself to pursue this, or not, as my brain wants.  
But I will draw the line at setting up an object to draw it.  That is not what these drawings are about.

I enjoyed drawing these viney items.  I liked the other lines I drew, but then the filling in of the spaces got a bit dicey.  And I think I might have gone over my 15 minute limit.  I wasn't paying attention.


  1. The first thing I do after my blog is written is to go directly to yours. I am hooked.

  2. I like this one a lot! I feel energy, feeling of growing etc.
    I don't know what's in your brain when you draw. I like to tell you what I see and I feel in your drawing. If the thoughts match, it's interesting.... (^_^)

    I like this "bean sprouts" trying to reach the sky just like the beanstalk.
    Go go bean sprouts, you can do it!