I'm drawing a line. On one side is this girl who spent over a year without any creative expression. On the other side is the new me: jumpstarting my creativity by doing a 15 minute drawing a day. I consider these drawings pump primers. They are not the goal, but are the pathway to a more creative life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's always a bit more difficult to have a good drawing session when I am not the only one awake in the  morning, but I think my family is learning to not disturb me very much.  
Having my alarm go off twice, tho.  That was distracting.  
Still, I am feeling very good about the direction my drawings are taking lately, and about the way my brain feels more like home to me.  
Today I have to get my eyes checked, and then I am going to pick up some art supplies.  Nothing too extravagant, just something I want to experiment with.

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